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Our Products

We carry several different species and types of lumber in several different grades. However we are unlike traditional lumber yards in that we don’t carry or order in everything. We primarily specialize in the 6 categories that you can see to the left of the page. Within each of these categories the grades and products will vary depending on where we think we can find the best value for our customers. Often times that means carrying more of a rustic grade product that need some trimming to get it up to snuff but at crazy low prices. Here is a quick example for our wholesale lumber.

A typical price for 1×6 Cedar T&G is about $3.10/SF for Select Tight Knot. Our approach is to take a Rustic Grade version of the 1×6 Cedar T&G that has more defects and sell it for $.85/SF. Once the board has been trimmed and installed it might be closer to $1/SF once it is on the wall but now you have accomplished the same thing at 1/3 of the price. We have been able to do this because we keep our overhead and margins super low.

This approach has helped thousands of customers save a ton of money or do things that they normally wouldn’t have had the budget for.

Product Videos

Lumber Jack Landon is your guide for understanding each of these products. Check out all of his videos here.