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Idaho - 208-656-3036


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This year each contestant can rack up points by:

  • Votes from this page (one person or legitimatge email)
  • Pinterest "Pins", "Likes", and "Comments" - How many people will pin your project? Click on the Pinterest icon above.
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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...

That's right, this months winner will receive a gift certificate to the famous Maddox Chicken along with some awesome Lumber Jack garb. They will also be eligible for the "3 Day Get Away" at the end of the year.



Ryan Shurtleff
Votes: 2

Kevin Bowman
Votes: 17

Cory Larson
Votes: 6

Justin Miller
Votes: 1

Justin Johnson
Votes: 5

Jeff Lind
Votes: 1

Gavin Harry
Votes: 12

Bud Hughes
Votes: 1

Wind River
Votes: 1

Vince Adams
Votes: 2

Troy Jackson
Votes: 4

Stan Plewe
Votes: 3