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Exterior Finishes

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As a trusted supplier of wood materials, Rustic Lumber Co offers an array of exterior finishes to our customers. From Cedar to Spruce, Rustic Lumber Co has all sorts of exterior finishes for your construction and woodworking needs. On top of that, our prices are very affordable and reasonable. With Rustic Lumber Co, rest assured that you will get superior quality exterior finishes without having to spend a great deal of money.

One of the best and most popular exterior finishes on our inventory is the Cedar. Compared to other outdoor finishing materials, Cedar lasts longer, as it is very durable and strong. Occasionally, builders and woodworking enthusiasts would go with Spruce and Fir for outdoor finishes, but we really strongly recommend that you use Cedar.

If you are looking for a quality cedar that won’t cost you a lot of money, consider using our 1 x 8 Cedar Bevel Sliding. Basically, the 1 x 8 Cedar Bevel Sliding is a wedged-shape product that goes on horizontally. Normally, this product costs USD 2.80 per square foot, but our price for this product is 60 cents per square foot.

Another popular outdoor finish available on our inventory is the Cedar Board and Batten. On retail stores, the 1x 12 Cedar Board and Batten would usually cost USD 3 per square foot. We, however, are only offering it only for 80 cents per square foot. Aside from the Cedar Board and Batten and the Cedar Bevel Siding, we also offer a number of other exterior finishes, including Cedar Channel Rustic, Cedar Grizzly board siding, and many more.