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Exterior Finishes

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For years, Rustic Lumber Co has been a trusted supplier of wood products, offering an array of exterior finishes to its clients. From Spruce to Cedar wood, we at Rustic Lumber Co have all kinds of exterior finishes that you would need for your construction, renovation and other woodworking projects. What’s more, our prices are very reasonable and economical. With us and your wood supplier, rest assured that you will get high quality outdoor finishes without having to spend a fortune.

One of the finest and best-selling materials used for exterior finishing on our inventory is the Cedar. Unlike other exterior finishing materials, Cedar would last quite a while since it is fairly strong and durable. For the most part, builders would opt to use Fir and Spruce for exterior finishes. We, however, highly recommend that you use Cedar.

If you are looking for an affordable high-grade cedar, take a sneak peek at our 1 x 8 Cedar Bevel Sliding. Basically, this product is a wedge-shape sliding that can be used horizontally. The typical cost for this product is USD 2.80 per square foot, but we only offer it for 60 cents per square foot.

The Cedar Board and Batten is an affordable and popular cedar product that you can use for outdoor finishing. The 1x 12 Cedar Board and Batten normally costs around USD 3 per square foot on retail stores, but we are selling it for 80 cents per square foot only. Besides the Cedar Bevel Siding and the Cedar Board and Batten, we also offer a few other economical and quality outdoor finishes, including the Cedar Grizzly board siding, Cedar Channel Rustic, and whole lot more.