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Rustic Lumber Company provides lumber throughout the Kaysville region. Because our goal is to try to give our customers the best pricing possible we try to keep our overhead very low. By doing so we centralize our lumber yards and provide lumber for larger regions. Typically our customers that buy from our Kaysville yard come from the Salt Lake Valley, Davis County, Northern Utah, parts of Wyoming, Southern Idaho, and the Western Desert. We also will have customers come from Nevada and Summit County. Our goal is to provide the best material at the best price. Our yard is located just off the freeway in order to be conveniently accessible to those coming from far away. In our lumber yard we carry a variety of lumber products that you can browse around here. By clicking on the inventory button you can see exactly what bundles of lumber are available. We have categorized them by use; for example – exterior siding, interior siding, fencing, decking, timbers, and flooring. The lumber yard carries a large amount of lumber products. Although our inventory fluctuates it is fairly consistent in carrying some of our more popular products such as fence slats, cedar posts, 2×4 fence rails, cedar tongue and groove, decking, and many other products. We also have the ability to deliver to job sites in the region. Although it typically takes a few days to schedule a delivery out we can usually find a way to get your material when you need it. It is also interesting to note that this yard was the very first yard for Rustic Lumber Company. When we started we shared a yard with a nursery and we have since grown out of that and currently reside in a large lot next to the Kaysville exit.