How to Convert Square Feet to Linear Feet?

convert square feet to linear feet cedar decking

How Many Linear Feet Cedar Decking Material Do You Need?

When working on a DIY decking project, you’ll need to learn how to convert square feet to linear feet to determine the number of wood planks you’ll need to complete your woodworking project. Rustic timbers are available in linear feet. 


In this blog, we’ll teach you how to convert the square footage of your interior space to linear feet, so you can determine how many pieces of rustic timber you need for your decking project.


Let’s get started.


Square vs. Linear Footage: What’s the Difference

It’s not rocket science. A linear foot is simply the measurement of a straight line that is twelve inches long. It determines how much floor space an object can occupy in a room. 

Square footage measures the area of space in homes or apartments. Wood suppliers use linear footage to measure the length of rustic timbers. At Rustic Lumber, our shiplap profiles come in different sizes and dimensions.

You’ll want to know how to convert square footage to linear feet when looking for a decking material to complete your DIY home improvement project. 


How to Convert Square Feet to Linear Feet

You don’t need complicated mathematics to convert the linear footage of your decking space. It is simply a matter of multiplying your square footage by 12 and dividing the result by the width of the board.


Here are a few quick steps to calculate the linear feet for a deck project:


  1. Get the square footage of your deck area. – It’s pretty easy when you’re building a rectangular deck. Just multiply the length of the deck by its width. 
  2. Determine the width of the decking material you wish to use.Consider the decking material you wish to use and determine its width. Port Orford Cedar is our most popular decking material at Rustic Lumber.
  3. Divide the square footage by the width of the decking material. – You can compute the linear footage you need to buy when you know the square footage of your space and the width of the wood planks you wish to use.
  4. Consider different waste factorsProfessional builders suggest a 5% to 10% “wastage” while purchasing. We recommend various waste factors for each of our wood products.


Use an online calculator if you hate doing the math yourself. But, your friendly neighborhood lumbers supplier will gladly help you.


Find the Right Linear Feet with Rustic Lumber 

Every lumber supplier knows how to convert square feet to linear feet. You can use the conversion table provided by Rustic Lumber to determine how many linear feet of wood products are needed for your decking project. Our most popular decking material is 2 x 6 Port Orford Cedar. 

Visit our website or give us a call, and we will help you find the perfect decking material for your decking project can also help you.