Can Rustic Timbers Come From a Jasper Tree?

Jasperwood | Rustic Lumber Co

Bottles of Jasperwood stain are available at Rustic Lumber Company

You might think of jasperwood are rustic timbers made from a jasper tree, but it’s not. We don’t sell reclaimed wood from jasper trees. 

Jasperwood is one of our unique products here at Rustic Lumber Company that gives you the look of reclaimed or barn wood without hurting your budget.


In this blog, we’ll talk about the four types of stains we use to achieve that crude look you want for your home.


Let’s get on to it.


What is Jasperwood?

Because barn wood and reclaimed lumber are pretty expensive, rigorous, and hard to find, we decided to create our own. We take new slabs and stain them to look like reclaimed cedar or pine. 

Our special board stain can make excellent accent walls. We offer a variety of lumber profiles with different color tones and textures for this product. 

We use an all-natural, eco-friendly jasper stain to create that aged effect.


The 2 Colors of Jasper Wood Stain

Jasper wood stain is our unique formulation of weathered wood treatment. It contains specific ingredients that react with the tannins in hard and soft boards to produce the rugged appearance of unpolished timber. 

Here are two variations of our jasper wood:

  • Mountain Mist – You can enjoy a classic grey finish with this color. It will give a greyish, white wash to your home. It looks fantastic on the exterior wall siding.
  • Rustic Grey – The stain gives a dark, smoky, weathered grey finish to your home interior or any timber project. Its authentic character is perfect for exterior wall sidings.

To cover an area of about 200 square feet, mix 8 ounces of stain with a gallon of water. We sell these log stains in 2-gallon bottles. Our jasperwood stains are also up for grabs for you to complete your rustic lumber project.

What type of lumber is jasperwood?

Most of our timber products come from cedar or fir. Jasper is a semiprecious stone valued for its attractive color and ability to accent certain decorative items, ranging from household antiques to wealthy men’s home furniture. Cedar is excellent for exterior furnishings.

At Rustic Lumber Company, jasperwood is a collection of imitation reclaimed wood. We offer several unique styles of rustic lumber with this weathered board treatment. Call us if you need help finding the right kind of wood for your home improvement project.


Use jasperwood to make rustic timbers.

You don’t have to spend much on reclaimed boards for a country-style home improvement project. With our jasperwood stains, you can get rustic timbers that look like reclaimed or untreated lumber at a lower price. 

Different varieties of these stains are available at Rustic Lumber Company. There’s no need to look for a jasper tree to find your reclaimed lumber. We are just one call away.

Get in touch today, and we’ll help you find the right style for your timber project.