Gus Andrews and Eudora Schools’ Students Build Houses With Rustic Lumber Products

We here at Rustic Lumber are always proud to see the handiwork of Gus Andrews and Eudora Schools‘ house building program. Every year they have high school students build a house and they have used Rustic Lumber Company Products each time. The result is simply stunning. So communities have beautiful homes built, our products show their worth, and these teens learn invaluable skills that will prove useful later in life. See the results yourself on our Instagram page.

Rustic Lumber Products

For this year’s Technical Trades Program project, Eudora Schools’ students used:

  • Cedar bevel siding


  • Pine shiplap


  • Circle saw doug fir flooring


  • Pine and cedar T&G


  • Doug fir timbers.

Needless to say the results speak for themselves. The students did a fantastic job. Check out more of their work in Eudora Schools’ Facebook page.

Build Houses, Learn Lessons

Working together to construct a house teaches things that can’t be taught in a classroom. Yes, those are also important, but the satisfaction of building something of that scale with your hands is hard to convey.

Using tools, familiarizing yourself with them and gaining increasing proficiency with them over time. Handling heavy objects like lumber supplied by Rustic, wink-wink. Moreover, cooperating with a larger team, and the joint feeling of accomplishment that comes from seeing all your efforts bear fruit. Ain’t nothing like it.

So each student will be educated in a wide array of topics thanks to this activity. From gaining technical knowhow, like using machinery or estimating loads, to developing self-esteem and self-fulfillment. And having a good workout, too. Gus Andrews and Eudora Schools are doing a wonderful thing with this yearly project. Likewise, the students are truly lucky and will benefit a lot, gaining skills that might come in handy later in life.

We aren’t the only one praising them. Gus Andrews and Eudora have made it to the news. Eudora Times has reported on the project, describing how the Eudora teacher gives students real construction experience. It has made quite a difference.

As Andrews says: “I never really thought about the impact that this program was gonna have on the community. It’s really had a drastic impact on not just Eudora’s community but the surrounding area.”

Outstanding! Keep it up, folks. We’re really proud of you all!