6 Great Ways to Protect Wood Floors from Inclement Weather

As the seasons change, those beautiful wood floors of yours may be at risk. Early spring, fall and winter bring with them moisture and precipitation that can damage wood. There’s nothing as heartbreaking as seeing a woodworking project you’ve spent so much effort on get damaged by the weather. But this can be avoided by taking the proper precautions. Homeowners and woodworking aficionados can protect their homes from the seasons, particularly wood floors, through these steps:

wood floors

Using Shoe Storage

During rainy months and winter, wet or snowy boots will bring a lot of moisture to your wooden areas, creating puddles around the house that will take their toll on your wooden surfaces. So have a special mat or tray near your home entrance for wet shoes. Make it convenient and accessible so guests and residents can remove their shoes and store them there until it’s time to head out again. 

Water-Wicking Mats

When it gets wet or snowy, be sure to have a few extra mats around in case of dripping and to wipe shoes. Position them in places with lots of traffic, such as entrances and hallways. 

Control Indoor Humidity

With fall and winter, cold and dry air inside a house can cause moisture in the wood to evaporate in the air. Then the heat will suck that moisture from the flooring, leading to shrinking, creaking and splintering, resulting in brittle wooden floors. So consider a humidifier to maintain a moderate level of humidity at home. 

Clean Carefully

The right cleaning products are essential to maintaining floor health. Excessive water when cleaning wood floors can cause damage so be mindful about the amount you use. There are soaps formulated for food flooring as well.

wood floors

Remove the Salt

During winter salt keeps sidewalks and streets clear of snow and ice, but it can stick to shoes and be brought home. The rough particles can scratch wood floors and if left there can cause white marks and other discoloration. Regular vacuuming and sweeping is needed to protect wood floors.

Stained Wood for Protection

Rustic Lumber offers semi-transparent stains that help protect wood while maintaining a natural appearance. We can stain wood products, so customers can save tons of time and effort trying to pre-stain their boards. Prices for prestaining start at just $0.50/BF and the stain options are endless.

Protecting Wood Floors Through All Seasons 

With these steps, they can ensure that their wooden floors will look beautiful for a long time. This will minimize the need for repairs or replacements which can be costly. With proper care, your wood flooring will survive the elements, from rain to snow to cold weather. 

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