Wire Brushed Douglas Fir Flooring

Another texture option offered by your friendly neighborhood lumber supplier is wire brush flooring made from Douglas Fir lumber. This replicates the old windswept look that barn wood develops over time. If you are looking for something unique, wire brush texture may be just the flooring for you. Whether you want distinct flooring for your study, or convey a rustic and authentic atmosphere to a cafe or bar, this might be what you are looking for.


Douglas Fir

One of the world’s best known and widely used wood species, douglas fir comes in two varieties: coastal and interior. Due to its strength, douglas fir lumber is used for building and construction as it is hard and resistant to abrasion, which lets it withstand wear. Trestles, bridge parts, log homes and buildings all use douglas fir. It is ideal for heavy structural purposes, like beams and roof trusses. Likewise, it is also used in furniture, flooring, for cabinets and veneers. Its excellent strength properties are matched by its workability. 


Wire Brushed Flooring

Wire-brushed hardwood flooring is durable and hides dirt. The term describes a texturizing technique that makes hardwood planks look more visually interesting while hiding scratches and stains. The finish entails scraping the wood planks with hard-bristled brushes, which pulls out and reveals the soft grain from the growth ring of the wood. So the heart of the wood is exposed on the surface. This gives it more texture than the usual smooth, glossy finish. This gently weathered rustic look has a certain charisma to it. It looks like reclaimed wood or something from a barn while covering up imperfections and scratches. So it is great for areas that get high traffic and surface wear.