What is the Best Grey Stain for Wood?

best grey stain for wood farmhouse

The best grey stain for wood achieves this natural farmhouse look in your home.

Grayish wood stain is a favorite choice for rustic home interiors. The color recreates the relaxed look and feel of an old farmhouse. 


Several variations of gray stain for wood are available on the market. The Rustic Lumber Company uses its unique rustic grey jasperwood stain to produce these rustic timbers.


In this blog, you will learn the different types of gray wood stains, their colors, and where you can find the best gray stain to use on your next wood project. 


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Types of Grey Wood Stain

Wood stains bring out the natural grain of the wood. Paint, on the other hand, hides that beauty. Staining wood gives your home or furniture a more authentic, rustic feel.


When considering wood stains for your next rustic timber project, consider the following categories:


  • Oil-based Stain – They are best for outdoor furniture because they penetrate the wood and give a deep, long-lasting finish that seals and protects the wood.
  • Water-based Stain – This stain is safe for use inside the house, but does not create a lasting finish as an oil-based stain. 


A water-based stain is preferable because it dries quickly and is easy to clean. Oil-based wood stains can be messy and hard to clean, but they last a long time.


Grey Stains in Five Popular Shades

Grey stain creates a worn effect on wood. It is a trendy style for many homes. Here are the popular colors of grayish wood stains you may find at your local DIY home improvement store:


  • Classic Grey – It is one of the variations of our jasperwood stain. We call it rustic grey. That dark, earthen color creates a mysterious appeal to your home.
  • Weathered Oak – This greyish wood stain creates a slight, weathered look to your rustic wood project.
  • Sun-bleached – This pale grey color makes the wood look like rustic timber lying under the sun for months. It feels neither warm nor cold. 
  • Weathered Grey – This is a medium-toned wood stain with a slightly blue undertone. It is famous for accent wall pieces. Your house gets a second color boost from a subtle blue shade.
  • Carbon Grey – This stain color is ideal if you want to create a look with more obvious gray and contrast rather than just a touch of gray.


The shade of gray varies depending on the type of wood. Such a weathered effect could be lighter or darker. It depends on the color of the wood stain. 


Choose Rustic Grey Stain For Your Wood Project.

All the colors of our Jasperwood stain can create the look of barn wood, but the classic grey stain for wood is a real head-turner. It gives the wood a dark, smoky, rustic gray feel. It is perfect for exterior wall siding.

To give your project a dark, smokey, rustic gray vibe, use Rustic Grey Jasper Wood Stain. Call us today, and we will help you find the perfect rustic wood stain for your home.