How to make a grayish wood stain for accent walls?

grayish wood stain wall siding

Wall siding made rustic with grayish wood stain using jasperwood.

Is there something good about grayish wood staining? Wood stains create the look of reclaimed wood. They make excellent rustic accent walls. 

In this post, you will learn the types of wood used for accent walls and how to make wood stains using vinegar and tea.


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DIY Techniques for Wood Staining

Staining wood is the best option to make wood planks look rustic. It brings out the natural beauty of the wood. A rustic design makes your home feel warm and inviting. 

Wood stains are widely available at home improvement stores.

Use a clear finish to protect the wood.

Apply a clear finish when you’re satisfied with how your newly aged wood looks. After allowing your wood to oxidize, apply an old-fashioned clear finish or shellac to bring out the true beauty of your rustic lumber. Most home improvement stores sell these finishing materials. 

It’s time to use this rustic lumber now that you know how to make wood planks look rustic. They look fantastic as accent walls.

Wood Type for Accent Walls

Accent walls create a room’s focal point. They must stand out from the other walls in the room. Which wood is best for your accent wall?

Wood for accent walls comes in a variety of species. The Rustic Lumber Company sells rustic timber planks made from all-natural wood. Take a look at these four rustic wood products.

  • All-natural wood – These would look great with a clear finish or as a natural accent. These wood types include cedar, Douglas fir, blue-stain pine, and aspen wood.
  • Mountain Chic – We customize our rustic lumber to get the look and feel of reclaimed wood. They will appear to have more shades of red and blue.
  • Cedar and Pine – Shiplap is a type of wooden wall siding typically built with long wood planks painted white. This type of wood paneling is ideal for ships in harsh weather. We use cedar and pine to make this type of wood product.
  • Reclaimed Wood – You do not have to root around the neighborhood for reclaimed wood. At Rustic Lumber Co., we manufacture varieties of natural wood products to look like reclaimed wood.

Rustic colors are deep and natural. A rustic design looks natural, aged, organic, and somewhat distressed. The colors of fall are typical shades of rustic lumber. 

Use rustic timber for your accent wall.

Wood stains create the look of reclaimed wood. A grayish stain for wood projects gives the appearance of rustic lumber

At Rustic Lumber Company, we take new wood and stain it to create the appearance of reclaimed wood. To make your rustic timber, we also offer our bottled wood stains at an affordable price. 

Give us a call today, and let us help you get that rustic lumber for your wood project.