3 Tips for Staining Cedar Siding

The good news is, cedar is not too difficult to stain. Here’s just a few insights into how to stain cedar siding like the pros.

  • Use a sprayer. Although using a brush or rag to wipe on stain works, using a sprayer ensures an even coating and even more importantly-it’s much faster! Remember that a sprayer needs to be cleaned properly after each use and in between switching colors. Place the wood on a level surface to prep it for the sprayer. This top is true when staining any of our cedar products: bevel siding, channel rustic, cedar T&G or grizzly board.
  • Stain both sides. Afraid the inside of your shed or garage will be ugly or boring? Putting at least a thin layer or stain on both sides of the wood will prevent any blank spots or unevenness in the color. If you are going to put installation and drywall up on the walls of your house, this won’t be necessary for you, but any kind of shed, playhouse, fence or garage will appreciate this light layer on the side that will be showing on the inside.
  • Apply the stain before installing the siding. Have you ever been to a restaurant where you could see all the little edges they missed when they stained their wainscoting? Or maybe your neighbors decided to stain their house themselves and they waited until after it had been installed to do so? Staining after installation doesn’t cover the cracks and edges of each piece of wood. Applying the stain beforehand prevents all cracks or edges from being missed. This way you will be able to easily cover both faces, top and bottom edges as well as the sides. Trust us, do this before you get your hammer out and you’ll be thankful!

Cedar, more than some other woods, is naturally rot-resistant and designed to last for years and years to come. Adding a protective stain can only improve that lifetime and keep your house looking great for years to come! Not sure if the stain you picked is protective or lifetime? Check with your local paint store for information on protective stains and those designed to last a lifetime. These stains may be more expensive than others out there, but knowing you won’t have to maintain your siding will help you sleep easy and keep your Saturdays open for more DIY lumber projects!