Accent Walls with the Ancient Japanese Art of Shou Sugi Ban

An accent wall is one with a design that differs from the rest of the walls around it. Hence “accent.” One stunning way to achieve this is by using the ancient Japanese art of Shou Sugi Ban. The eye-catching effect is achieved by burning wood to preserve it instead of painting or staining it. Rustic Lumber is now selling this product in smaller quantities. 

The History of Shou Sugi Ban

The technique originated in 18th century Japan to treat cedar siding and make it weatherproof. This process entailed charring the surface of the wood, turning it deep charcoal-black. More recently, it has caught on for contemporary exterior and indoor furnishings. The effect is undeniable and results in blackened wood with clean, distinct lines and charismatic texture. So this is why it is perfect for accent walls.

At the same time, the process also makes the wood waterproof. Which was what it was intended for back in the day. Nowadays, the practical uses of the technique goes hand in hand with the artistry involved in the process and the visual appeal of the results. Moreover, it works well when paired with other types of lumber, like natural pine. And aside from interior accent walls, Shou Sugi Ban also works for external siding purposes.

So, want something truly visually striking for your woodworking project? Consider Shou Sugi Ban accent walls from your friendly neighborhood lumber supplier, Rustic Lumber!