Advantages of Cedar Board & Batten

boardbatten2Cedar Board & Batten is used for both exterior siding & interior paneling. The narrow strips are called batten & together with the wide boards we call this look Board & Batten. Vertical positioning of the boards is the most common positioning and use of the siding in architectural design. You might hear of this as “Barn Siding”, since a lot of the barns in the US are made with this type of design.It is perfect for a rustic looking cabin, barn, shop, den, great room or mountain retreat. It is the perfect classic look of the West. There is no set width for Cedar Board & Batten – your boards installed over battens to create a deep channel effect – you can choose the width of your choice! You will receive a unique yet simple look that will assure you that your siding is done perfectly.

With you house or you cabin being among your biggest investments, taking care of its look is at the top of the list. If taken care of properly, your siding can last up to 100 years without needing to be replaced. Cedar Board & Batten Siding will give your house the unique look that you have been hoping for.