Advantages of Fir Flooring

A building will not totally be complete without a floor. A question that would rise when starting to develop the floor of a building is, what material can be use to have a better floor?In North America, fir floors are one of the most beautiful floors found in many homes. It is one of the most popular types of flooring installed in the place. Why do they prefer to use fir wood?

Fir wood has a lot of unique characteristics that would encourage people to use the wood. There are a lot of cases which proves the performance of a fir wood when it comes to flooring.

Fir flooring starts out as yellowish to tan to light brown in color. Color can change hugely over time if the floor receives direct sunlight. Its grains are mostly straight with some waves or spirals in the texture.

Advantages of Fir Flooring:

  • Fir woods are 100% more vulnerable to impact damage.
  • It is universally recognize for its superior strength- to –weight ratio.
  • It also provides excellent nail-holding and fastening capability.
  • Old fir floors are far more prone to movements and squeaks than other types of hardwood floors.
Figure 1: Fir Flooring

Fir floors appear differently depending on how the fir wood is cut and treated. Decorative treatments, including:

  • Wire brushed Doug Fir – has natural grain pattern in each individual board creating a refined yet weather-worn appearance.
  • Re-sawn- heavy cut is rougher and more rustic in appearance.
  • Circular Sawn Doug Fir – its texture duplicates the traditionally bold “saw mark appearance” from old circle saw mills.

These can provide a look that would complement a certain décor.

Fir floor is resilient and versatile as far as interior decoration goes. It is not only appropriate for an ageless country décor but fir floor mix well with modern furniture as well. Fir flooring can last many years longer than other types of floors. With the proper finishing and refinishing and cleaning methods, fir wood is a beautiful wood species choice for a home or building.

Because of its physical working properties, durability of its heartwood and its excellent dimensional stability, all combine to provide the reasons why many builders worldwide would prefer fir wood for their flooring.