Cedar Fineline T&G for Houses

Check out this recent project that we are featuring. In the picture, one of our lumber products is displayed, namely 1×8 Cedar Fineline T&G. Fineline has a square edge and a 1/8″ gap when it comes together. So it is ideal for outdoor or exterior use, especially as our cedar products are naturally rot and insect resistant.

Cedar T&G at Rustic Lumber Co

We offer Cedar T&G among our Rustic Wood Siding. Cedar tongue and groove can be used anywhere from exterior siding, to soffit, to interior walls. Cedar T&G board is extremely versatile, and can be installed vertically or horizontally and stained to fit any personality.

As we have previously explained, Cedar Fineline and cedar in general is popular with woodworking and construction because of its properties.

The wood has oils and acids known as polyoxyphenols or “phenols,” which give them their resistance to moisture, decay and pests – as well as that distinct cedar scent of theirs. Western Red Cedar is also very durable with a natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage. It makes long and lightweight lengths of timber with fine straight grain and uniform texture – ideal for cutting, sawing and nailing with common tools. Or planing into smooth surfaces, or machining into any pattern. Also, the wood holds glue bonds well and is a good base for paints and stains since it doesn’t have pitch and resin.

Need Cedar Fineline T&G for Your Projects?

We have all you need for your construction or woodworking projects. Go ahead and check our products and wood inventory pages to see what type of wood you want for your project. As your lumber supplier in the Utah, Idaho and Colorado area, Rustic has definitely got the wood you are looking for. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.