Grizzly Board, Our Thickest Exterior Siding

This cedar grizzly board is our thickest exterior siding product. It is installed horizontally and can be given a variety of textures and finishes such as a chink line and hand hewing. Grizzly Board is great for siding cabins and homes as these are extremely durable and will look great for generations to come.

Go Thick With Our Cedar Grizzly Board

Not only is our grizzly board thick, it is also made of cedar. Western Red Cedar and Northern White Cedar are the most common type of cedar used in carpentry. Both types have that distinct cedar scent caused by oils and acids known as polyoxyphenols or “phenols,” which give them their resistance to moisture, decay and pests. That’s why they’re so useful for outdoor purposes. Properly finished cedar can last for decades even in harsh conditions.

Western Red Cedar is one of the most durable woods. It has a natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage. And due to its low density and shrinkage factor, it is twice as stable as most softwoods. Also, it makes long and lightweight lengths of timber with fine straight grain and uniform texture. This makes it ideal for cutting, sawing and nailing with common tools.

Western Red Cedar is so popular for interior or exterior home use. And that’s why it is what makes up the large Grizzy Boards, which are ideal for heavy duty woodworking projects. Check our products and wood inventory pages to see what type of wood you want for your project. As your lumber supplier in the Utah, Idaho and Colorado area, Rustic has definitely got the wood you need. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.