Cedar Select Tight Knot or STK Can Save Money for Your Next Project

Our cedar select tight knot or STK is a great way to reduce expenses on your next project. Select tight knot means there are fewer knots and they are not as big. There is less waste and can be two to three times more in cost than mid grade. On the other hand, mid grade products have more waste, such as knot holes or splits but are a fraction of the cost. Whichever grade you decide on, we can save you money!

Cedar Select Tight Knot Characteristics 

Our cedar select tight knot is a great way to reduce expenses on your next project. There is less waste and can be two to three times more in cost than mid grade.

STK is a grade of cedar where the knots and other natural features are very visible, unlike clear cedar. This type of wood has a distinct personality and is ideal for siding, interior paneling and numerous other applications. The knots and other natural features visually stand out giving it a unique and rustic look that will add character to your project. Whether it is a house pattern project or siding for your home, cabin or barn. Typically, STK would be suited for projects such as decks or fences, whereas for something like a sauna clear lumber would be called for as cedar STK’s knots would retain more heat and potentially cause burns. 

And of course, cedar is the perfect type of wood for projects that require aesthetically impressive and durable materials. Cedar is similar to pine when it comes to hardiness. Also, it is a stable wood that does not experience expansion when there are changes in temperature or moisture. It is not prone to cracking either. So cedar is great for structural uses as well as for furniture. And, of course, cedar has its trademark oils and acids also known as polyoxyphenols or “phenols,” that make them resistant to moisture, decay and pests. Moreover, these phenols also give that distinct cedar scent of theirs. All this enhances cedar’s durability to such vulnerabilities and their utility for woodworkers.

For outdoor uses, cedar’s durability means it will withstand the elements better. Likewise, the distinct cedar scent is also valued for interior uses such as furniture, closets, indoor sidings and even musical instruments for some types of edar.

Considering cedar select tight knot’s affordability, the wood’s durability and its distinct appearance. Woodworkers will definitely get a lot of bang for their buck with this versatile kind of wood!


Save up on expenses without compromising lumber quality or appearance by using cedar STK for your next woodworking project. For inquiries, feel free to reach out to us, we have all you need for your projects. As your lumber supplier in the Utah, Idaho and Colorado area, Rustic Lumber has definitely got the wood you are looking for.

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