Quality Cedar T&G and Jasperwood Stain for Your Projects

Check out this beautiful project! This made use of our 1×6 Cedar T&G Centermatch and was stained with our Jasperwood stain Mountain Mist! Rustic Lumber’s cedar wood and stains are perfect combinations for cabins and interiors. With these, you will not only have high quality wood siding and protective stains, but also a great looking final result. 

Rustic Lumber’s Cedar T&G Centermatch 

Check out this beautiful project! This made use of our 1x6 Cedar T&G Centermatch and was stained with our Jasperwood stain Mountain Mist!

Cedar is an excellent material for siding or walls.  It is similar to pine in terms of hardness. It is also a stable wood, so it isn’t prone to expansion with changes in temperature and moisture or cracking. So this combination makes cedar easier to work with and reliable for furniture.

The wood also has oils and acids known as polyoxyphenols or “phenols,” which give them their resistance to moisture, decay and pests – as well as that distinct cedar scent of theirs. So this attribute also increases cedar’s durability to such vulnerabilities. And many like that trademark cedar scent as well. 

All these traits make cedar very durable. It makes long and lightweight lengths of timber with fine straight grain and uniform texture – ideal for cutting, sawing and nailing with common tools. Or for planing into smooth surfaces, or machining into any pattern. Also, the wood holds glue bonds well and is a good base for paints and stains since it doesn’t have pitch and resin.

Our Mountain Mist Jasperwood Stain

Jasperwood stain is a water-based, acid reactive stain. One of the colors in this stain line is mountain mist, this blend results in color variation of grays and whites and looks great on siding or accent walls.

This is one of our custom products. With this, you can take new wood and stain it to look like reclaimed lumber. We are now also selling the stain in 2 gallon bottles so you can achieve this look on your own as well.

You can have your building stand out and look right and rustic with our stain and texturing process. We have multiple color options, aside from mountain mist we also have rustic gray and barn red blends. 

Maybe you feel like there’s something missing with your successfully accomplished project. Does it look too fresh or newly finished? Perhaps you want it to have a more rugged and weathered look to add some charisma and authenticity.

We can stain and texture wood to give it a custom look. The treatment can give the wood an aged appearance which makes it look great against a likewise rustic backdrop. The tones of the wood can be made to contrast each other to make them more visually striking. If you are so inclined, you can also purchase our stains and do it yourself – applying it as you see fit for your project. 


So whether you are making a shed or a fence, cedar is a top choice for construction materials. And for staining, check out the finishes and textures on our website or give us a call to inquire about the nitty gritty details. You can have us stain the wood or purchase the stains and apply them yourself. Either way, these will help you make your wood crafting project both durable and eye-catching! 

For inquiries, feel free to reach out to us, we have all you need for your projects. As your lumber supplier in the Utah, Idaho and Colorado area, Rustic Lumber has definitely got the wood you are looking for.

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