Celebrities Who Work With Lumber and Power Tools

Contrary to popular opinion, woodworking is in. Working with lumber and power tools in the woodshop shed is still the In Thing, so much so that many celebrities engage in the hobby. For some, it’s more than a pastime, it’s a passion that they’ve practiced and honed for years. It can be quite delightful to see distinguished individuals engage in activities we are likewise enthusiastic about. Here are some celebrities who work with lumber and love it: 

Celebrities Who Work With Lumber

Harrison Ford

The most notable celebrity who is into woodworking, whose craft actually landed him his Hollywood roles. In the very beginning, Ford couldn’t even pay the rent with his acting so he used carpentry as a steady source of income. He was quite good at it and he was discovered by the one and only George Lucas when he built some cabinets for the director (who at that time hadn’t made it big yet either). 

Daniel Day-Lewis

Yes, The Man himself. He wanted to be a cabinet maker and studied it in school. He applied for an apprenticeship but this was declined due to a lack of experience. So he decided to pursue acting and bag a bunch of Oscars. Maybe woodworking is a path to fame and fortune? 

Dana Vollmer

The Olympic athlete and world record-setting swimmer also works with lumber in her off time. Vollmer even has a garage workshop and does projects like piano restoration. These Olympic athletes really have the skills, even for the stuff they do in their spare time.

Jimmy Carter

Aside from serving as a U.S. President, Jimmy Carter was also a submariner during World War 2 and later got certified as a nuclear technician. He was even part of the cleanup crew during the Three Mile Island incident. Aside from this, he is among the famous people who work with lumber. Even to this day he volunteers his time to work in home building projects for those in need. And while he might not be able to heft heavy loads anymore, he can still use circular saws with precision. 

William H. Macy 

Another one of those who work with lumber. He got into the craft just recently but loved it. He’s even on the cover of Woodturning Basics. An actor who turned to woodworking in his later years, like the reverse of Daniel Day-Lewis or Harrison Ford. It’s an inspiring example for those of us who want to learn a new hobby. 

A Great Craft

Want to work with lumber? You’re in great company. Woodworking is a fine craft that has many benefits. And maybe it’s a path to stardom? Either way whether you’re starting out in your career and need a pastime or a side gig, or you’re already hitting your stride in life and need something to do during your spare time, or looking for something new to do later in life, you should definitely consider this trade. Want to get started? Contact your friendly local lumber supplier in Utah, Idaho and Colorado to stock up!