The Best Cladding Profile for Your Dream Garden Shed

Garden sheds are beautiful pieces of small construction. While many consider it as mere storage for tools, a garden shed can become beautiful expressions of architecture. With a little more planning and decluttering, anybody can turn their garden sheds into enchanting living spaces for writing, craft, and play. 

If you’re planning to build a garden shed, the cladding will be one of the biggest expenses on your shed project. Choosing the right lumber profile will determine the look and longevity of your shed cladding. There are a lot of cladding board profiles available out there and they exist in different species of timber. Discover the best cladding profile for the garden shed you’ve always wanted to make. The summer should be the perfect time to do that. 

  • Loglap Cladding

If you’re aiming for a rich, natural, and rustic look for your garden shed, Loglap cladding should be the perfect choice. Loglap timber mimics the look of a real log cabin giving you that rustic look that is unique to log cabins. The boards are usually designed to have a flat back and T&G joints. These features allow them to be firmly attached to each other with ease. 

Looking for a log cabin look for a fraction of the cost? Faux log siding is a fantastic and cost-effective way to add that beautiful, rustic character that you have been dreaming of for your garden shed. Check out the beautiful colors of Rustic Lumber’s faux log timber here. 

  • Shiplap Cladding

Shiplap cladding is a popular choice of lumber for garden shed cladding. Their rabbet or notch cut on both edges of the board allows it to be easily overlapped. This feature also provides superior protection against harsh weather conditions. 

Shiplap cladding requires little to no finishing touches. And you can paint it white to make your garden shed look elegant with an effortless design. Additionally, white combines well with other colors like black and nature green to form a stunning high contrast look. Isn’t that perfect for a garden shed? 

The quickest way to get shiplap cladding is to purchase them online from Rustic Lumber Company. All you have to do is call us and we’ll ship it right to your doorstep. 

  • Cedar Cladding

When it comes to longevity and durability, cedar never comes last. Cedar is among the superior choices for garden shed cladding because of its natural resistance to rot and insect infestation. 

On top of its strength and durability, cedar is also easy to work with. The wood is a great choice for any of your exterior projects like cladding. It cuts, machines, and glues well.

If you want timber that can last several years and get praises from guests for its visual, you can’t go wrong with Western Red Cedar. It’s environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and perfect for homeowners wanting a natural, rustic garden shed. 

  • Feather Edge Cladding

Featheredge cladding boards are cut from one board on the diagonal to create two tapered boards to overlap perfectly. It is the most traditional profile for agricultural buildings including garden sheds. 

Feather edge cladding is a smart and timeless cladding profile. So the tapered finish can make your garden shed weathertight. A good timber for this cladding profile is Thermowood. It is decay-resistant and remains stable for a good number of years. So Thermowood is high-performance timber for feather edge cladding at a cheaper price. 

  • Plywood

Plywood is an excellent cladding material for garden sheds. It is widely used as a building material for different projects because of its cheaper costs. In fact, is the most economical cladding timber there is. 

Plywood is resistant to impact, moisture, and temperature changes. Additionally, it is strong and highly durable because of its laminated structure. On top of that, plywood comes in beautiful colors and textures and is eco-friendly to use. So when choosing plywood for cladding, you get all these benefits without burning a hole through your pocket. 

Planning to Build a Garden Shed? 

If you’re looking to start a garden shed project, Rustic Lumber is there to support you all the way. Our friendly team of lumber experts will guide you throughout the process starting from selecting the best cladding profile to building your garden shed. So if you’re nearby any of our lumberyard locations, why not pay a visit and talk to our experts? Rustic Lumber has locations in Kaysville, UT, St. Anthony, ID, Castle Rock, CO, and Grand Junction, CO.