Cleaning and Care Tips for Outdoor Wood Furniture

Your outdoor space is an oasis of relaxation. And there is no better way to make it cozy and comfortable than placing beautiful pieces of outdoor wood furniture. The warm weather in the summer provides the perfect time to bring out those hibernating pieces of furniture outside your home. But before you drag them out, here’s how to clean and maintain the quality of outdoor wood furniture. 



Cleaning Outdoor Wood Furniture

  • Dust first

When cleaning your outdoor furniture, dusting first is a must. Your furniture will not require cleaning with water or detergent all the time but dusting it should be your go-to cleaning method. When don’t dust your furniture frequently, airborne particles can build up on the wood and scratch the furniture. 

When dusting, use soft cloths like cotton T-shirts to avoid damage. Go over your furniture carefully. Clean off dust and debris and remove any cobwebs, leaves, droppings, and other debris. Dusting your furniture is also a good time to check its condition. Be sure to check for any loose screws or parts that need to be tightened or repaired. 

  • Light clean

Your outdoor wood furniture will be just fine with light cleaning most of the time. This is best done with a cloth or rag moistened with water or mild soap solution. For tough stains or molds, you can use a soft scrub and brush the surface gently. Use a mix of water and mild dishwashing soap to soften the stain. 

Also, brush along the direction of the wood grain. For stains that can’t be removed with soft brushing and dishwashing soap, you can do it by lightly sanding the stain and rinsing the surface. 

  • Dry it

After cleaning the furniture with water and dishwashing soap, don’t forget to wipe it with a soft cloth then let it dry in the sun. While most outdoor wood furniture has moisture-resistant properties, keeping them dry all the time can extend its life and help keep the wood from rotting. 

If you’re looking for wood slabs for an outdoor furniture project, Walnut Slabs at Rustic Lumber will surely get you compliments from guests. With proper maintenance, Walnut Slabs can last a decade or more and can be treated for insect resistance. These are great for making tables, countertops, benches, and more. 

Taking Care of Outdoor Wood Furniture

A set of outdoor wood furniture is an investment. So you want to properly take care of it so it will last for several years. When properly maintained, you can pass down your furniture to your kids when they get married. Outdoor wood furniture makes great memorabilia as it can last for years to come. Discover how to maintain the durability and beauty of your wood garden furniture through the years. 

  • Go for weather-resistant wood

The longevity of outdoor wood furniture starts with the quality of the wood. There are certain types of wood furniture that last for decades even when exposed to different elements. So you want to make sure that you select the wood with natural resistance to rot and insects and durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

Cedar is a great option for furniture. It is naturally rot and insect resistant and remains dimensionally stable over several years. If you’re looking for cedar for your next wood furniture project, Rustic Lumber provides cedar with a variety of colors and character that are sure to add rich, natural beauty to your patio. Contact us for more information. 

  • Stain, paint, or leave it be

Wood garden furniture is fairly easy to maintain. All you have to do is give it a good clean with water and mild soap solution. A quick pass with sandpaper will make it look like it’s new. 

You can also stain or paint your outdoor wood furniture. Although most choices for outdoor wood furniture are naturally rot-resistant, staining or painting them will further protect the wood from elements and pests. However, you may want to leave your wood furniture age naturally. When left untreated, most woods develop a silver patina which can be very attractive. 

  • Use sealants

To preserve the color and added protection, you can treat wood furniture with sealants. Sealants are great for making your furniture look new. You may need to re-apply sealants every few years depending on the condition of the furniture. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying the sealant. 

  • Use furniture covers

Premium choices for outdoor wood furniture like cedar, teak, and ipe are naturally resistant to rotting and insect infestation. However, if you won’t be using your furniture for a long time, it is best to cover it. Even if it can withstand most weather conditions, covering it will extend its life. When the season begins, maintenance becomes a lot easier because you’ve kept it clean. Also, try to use breathable covers to prevent molds from growing.