Croft’s Deck

This timeless woodworking beauty was designed and made by the Croft family. As you can see, the deck was made from Port Orford Cedar, which they bought from us. They also used the same material for all the deck’s railings. If you are planning to build a picturesque deck that is completely made out of wood, it is best that you watch this video, and take note how it was built by the Crofts.Like the Croft family, you too can build a timeless beauty like this, even if you are new to woodworking and homebuilding. With a little practice and research, you will be able to create something as lovely and charming as it. Of course, having a reliable supplier of quality woodworking materials can be a great boon to you as well, as you build your deck or any wooden structure.

The Crofts opted to use our Port Orford Cedar for a number of good reasons. With this decking material, woodworkers and homebuilders may enjoy a lot of perks, including:

– Part of the reason this family used this woodworking material is its rustic and alluring appearance. With this decking option, the family was able to create a stunning and lovely wooden structure in their yard. This, in turn, created a more serene and laid-back ambiance on their outdoor space.

– This decking option is quite easy to work with. In this video, you will notice that Mrs. Croft as well as her kids built this project without any help from any professional contractor. Unlike other types of wood and decking materials, Port Orford Cedar works with all hand-tools. Furthermore, they take all finishes, stain and paint extremely well.

– As with all our cedar products, this one contains natural oils that protect the wood from rotting and insect manifestations, making it an ideal material for decks and other outdoor applications.

– It does not contain harmful chemicals, which can be ideal for households with kids and pets.

– While it is light in weight, it is amazingly strong and durable. As a matter of fact, it is commonly used in building structures with heavy-duty applications like boats and temples.

– Last, but not the least, this decking material comes at a very affordable price, especially when you buy it from us. Our 2×6 Port Orford Cedar decking, for instance, would only cost ninety five cents per linear foot, which is quite low compared to the rates offered by other wood suppliers in the country.