Durability of 1×6 Cedar T&G Siding

blog-imageCedar T&G Siding is a very resilient time tested product for the exterior. Because of the natural oils in cedar, it won’t rot nor deteriorate against the elements. 1×6 Cedar T&G Siding has been used a lot for areas that can have harsh weather because of it’s toughness. While there are other nice looking rustic woods available on the market such as Fir, Pine and Spruce none of them will hold up quite like Cedar.Not only is Cedar Siding resilient against severe weather condition but it is also a very bitter wood so insect hate it (which is a good thing). So weather you are in a super moist climate or real hot dry climate, using cedar for your exterior siding is the best choice. It also has a beautiful red glow to it with lots of knots and character. The two primary species of cedar siding used in the west for exterior siding is Western Red Cedar and Incense Cedar. Though Incense Cedar has gotten a bad wrap at times is has a lot of the same properties as Western Red Cedar making it a great option as well.

After you install your 1×6 Cedar T&G Siding it can be sealed but doesn’t have to be. If left unsealed, Cedar Siding will eventually turn a real pretty patina (silvery/grey) color. If you prefer a nice fresh new look then it would be good to seal it. After the initial seal, you will find that it needs to be resealed about every 5 years. There are several good sealers on the market right now just make sure you talk to an export to find the best one for your climate.

When selecting a Cedar T&G Siding to use make sure that it has been kiln dried. This will ensure the stability of the wood and prevent shrinking once it has been installed. After Cedar has been kiln dried it is a very stable wood and you shouldn’t have to worry about movement. Another good feature to look for when buying is to make sure it is reversible and has a rough sawn side as well as a smooth side to it. This will give you the ultimate flexibility. Cedar T&G Siding also comes in a variety of grades from clear down to economy.