Great Gift Ideas for Woodworkers

What can you give to a dedicated woodworker? Someone who likes working with his or her tools whittling lumber down and lovingly assembling products, be they furniture or flooring. Know a woodworker? Or are you one yourself? Well here are some great gift ideas for woodworkers: 


Magnet Wristband

For when you just can’t afford to drop or lose those little screws, nails, nuts and bolts. A magnet wristband is great for woodworkers, carpenters, upholstery professionals, machinists, computer repairers and other specialists. With this they can keep small metal objects within reach, secure them so they won’t vanish into thin air, and continue with their work. 


Cookie Grippers

Sounds tasty. Seriously, work grippers are non-slip bench pads that have high-friction rubber surfaces. These are versatile accessories, perfect for your wood shop, useful for keeping projects from slipping while you route, sand or carve them.


Glue Bottle

These will help woodworkers apply adhesive precisely and save money in the long run. With glue bottles, after being used once the tendency is that next time you’ll find it hardened or gelatinous, which means the whole thing’s gone to waste. All because the lid was thought to be closed. A quality glue bottle can reduce such waste in a simple and affordable way. 


Digital Tape Measurer

For precision measurements. This is like a luxury item for serious craftsmen and women. So your woodworker friends will definitely love this. A digital tape measure eliminates the guesswork that goes with measuring. Therefore it’s perfect for more complicated projects and elaborate creations when you’ll need precise measurements as you pare down those chunks of lumber. 


Slatted Wall 

An easy to install slatted wall will help woodworkers organize all their gadgets and tools for easy access. It’ll make the garage so much tidier too, freeing up space and decreasing clutter. 


Cut Resistant Gloves

Safety first! You don’t want to nick your hand while you’re hard at work. Prevent these from happening in the first place with a durable pair of cut resistant gloves. With these a woodworker will have the hand and finger flexibility to work on those tough pieces of lumber while getting the needed protection. These are 4x stronger than leather so they’ll definitely last you. When it comes to gift ideas for woodworkers, a nice pair of cut resistant gloves shows them that you care. 



All these gift ideas for woodworkers are based on the fact that seasoned craftsmen and women value good tools. So presents such as these will definitely be appreciated and put to good use!