Holiday Woodworking Projects, Decorations and Presents

The holidays are around the corner and with it come the seasonal merrymaking, dazzling decorations and gift giving we have all been waiting for. For a woodworking enthusiast it’s also an ideal time to flex your crafting abilities – creating decorations and presents are excellent woodworking projects and constructive ways to utilize and hone your skills. Likewise if you have trouble finding something at the store, then just head to your shop and carve the perfect present.

So here are a few wood crafting gift ideas that will add rustic holiday charm to any space:

Tabletop Trees

For those living in spaces too small to accommodate full-size trees, tabletop trees can be the perfect decorations. Moreover, they can be placed almost anywhere – from the dining table to the living room to bookshelves and so on. So they can spruce up an apartment in their own charming way. And they are also easier to store compared to full-sized trees when the holidays are over.

Wood Chanukah Menorah

Likewise, for families that display menorahs instead of trees. Wooden equivalents can be crafted easily in a variety of designs. From the classic curved candleholders to more modern wood block menorahs.

Minimalist Nativity Scene

These are becoming a thing again and make for exercises in creativity. The typical minimalist nativity set has the holy couple, the infant, wise men and livestock depicted by a simple arrangement of differently-colored and strategically positioned blocks.

Wood Ornaments

Eye-catching, easy to install and easy to make. Personalized wood ornaments can come in all sorts of interesting shapes. Moreover, wood slice tree ornaments can have personalized designs or messages. And people will definitely appreciate the effort and creativity put into these wood carvings. They will add a unique and personal touch to their trees.

Personalized Wooden Sign

It can be your own home decoration or a present. A personalized wood sign, with a unique message or greeting, maybe even a smiling Santa, makes for a charming sight.

Card or Stocking Holder

These can be unique and charming fixtures to hang greeting cards or stockings that will hold the presents everyone is anticipating.

Want to use your woodworking skills to craft the perfect gift to loved ones, family or friends? Rustic Lumber has the supplies you need for your holiday project.