How to Install Wooden Fence Slats

Cedar Fence Slats Size Really does MatterAs a homeowner, installing a wooden fence on your property can greatly benefit you in a lot of different ways. With wood fence slats, you get to build a functional and durable fence without having to spend a fortune. Furthermore, using wooden fence slats may boost your property’s aesthetic value, as they provide a more classic and traditional look than any other fencing option. Homeowners, for the most part, think that installing wooden fence slats can be rather complicated and time-consuming. Little do they know, this project can be done by any homeowner who has little to no knowledge in DIY woodworking. What’s more, this project may be completed over a weekend. To install this fencing option on your property, check out these quick pointers:

  • Before anything else, add markings to the location where you want to install your wooden fence. To do that, identify the location of your property line, and make sure that the location of the fence is inside that line. Afterwards, paint lines to outline the location of the fence using a spray paint.
  • With the help of hammer, install a wooden peg on every corner of the desired fence location.
  • Using a post hole digger or shovel, dig a hole in front of each wooden peg you have installed. These holes should be at least 10 inches wide and two feet deep.
  • Fill these holes with a few crushed rocks. Continue loading the rocks to the holes using a tamp, until they feel stable and solid.
  • Add gravel into the bottom of these holes, so you can provide drainage as well as make sure that the posts won’t rot.
  • Place a post in the midst of every hole you have made. In this step, you might need help from someone else to support the post or hold it in place.
  • Fill the holes with concrete using a hand shovel. Continue tamping the concrete until it reaches the ground level.
  • Fasten the wooden fence slats to the posts using a couple of 2-inch galvanized nails on every end. Once again, you will need someone to help you position the rails.
  • Stain or paint your fence slats as you wish.