Inexpensive Way of Getting a Barn Wood Look

The new trend in building is a rustic grey barn wood look, a lot like the Restoration Hardware grey. I want to talk about how to get that look without paying $3.50 per square foot.Imperfect is Perfect

Bevel Cedar SidingTo get that look you need to remember that imperfect is perfect. If you are going for a rustic look you don’t want to have perfect pieces of wood. This is one reason why the wholesale lumber company Rustic Lumber is perfect. They supply rustic lumber mainly to Utah, Colorado, and Idaho at a wholesale lumber price. Our prices are anywhere from a third to half the price you would pay at big box stores.


Next, you apply Eco wood stain. This stain is a powder that you mix with water. It comes in 1-gallon packs and 5-gallon packs.You mix it in a 1 to 1 ratio- one gallon of water to a gallon pack of stain. We have had many contractors in the Utah, Colorado and Idaho areas use this for cedar siding on high-end homes. Eco wood Treatment is eco friendly, non-toxic, and doesn’t stain anything but wood. You don’t need to put down drop cloths or worry about this staining the stucco or rock on your home. The easiest way to apply is to use a garden sprayer; people have also used brushes and rollers as well. Eco Wood Treatment gives you the dark grey Restoration Hardware look without breaking the bank. You can also tint the stain with paint tint to get the look your going for. If you want to lighten up the grey, add a few ounces of white paint to get the silvery “Resto” look. It is usually sold at $12 per gallon.

Options, Options, Options!

We had seen people use this on anything from their cedar siding to cedar fencing. We have seen this be done on decking, Douglas Fir flooring, garden boxes, pergolas, and even accent walls or ceilings. The good thing about this products is that it has natural sealants to protect the wood, and it only takes one application. Overtime, the wood will continue to patina.