Interior Wood Siding for Offices, Homes and Cabins

Rustic Lumber wood products are not only for cabins and barns. These can be used as interior wood siding for offices and workplaces as well, that blend both modern aesthetics as well as homey and authentic touches such as wooden walls and furniture. And of course our products are ideal for creating cozy home interiors. 

Interior Wood Siding to Give Your Office or Workplace a New Look 

Reclaimed Barnwood | Rustic Lumber Co

Consider a warm and welcoming ambiance, an authentic look and homey feel distinct from the generic corporate aesthetic. Wood can make a space much cozier.

Here are a few Rustic Lumber products you can use to give a distinct look to your office or workplace. With these it will stand out for customers or clients, and also give the workforce a pleasant environment to be in:

Accent Walls

We offer a variety of accent walls that are ideal for a range of looks and styles. We are selling these in smaller quantities so reach out to us to see the availability and order ahead of time. Our offerings include:

  • All Natural

  • Reclaimed Wood

  • Shiplap

  • Shou Sugi Ban

Spruce up your lobby or office with Rustic Lumber products.

Interior Wood Siding Can Give Your Home a Warm, Homey and Rustic Look

Our 1x10 pine shiplap is an ideal material for walls and ceilings. This product is great for interior projects because it’s smooth and cost effective.

Transform your home or cabin with interior wood from your friendly neighborhood lumber supplier. We offer pine, blue pine and aspen, which are perfect for any room.

Aspen T&G

Aspen tongue and groove paneling is perfect for the interior of cabins and homes. It can also be used for workplaces and offices. Give your space a rustic, log cabin feel. The brown and red colors throughout give this wood character and ensure every piece is unique. It is available in a 1×6 v-groove.

Knotty Pine T&G

Knotty Pine tongue and groove is also ideal for interiors. The brown and red colors throughout give this wood character and ensure every piece is unique. It is available in a 1×6 v-groove.

Blue Stain Pine T&G

Sometimes referred to as beetle kill pine since beetles are the reason for all the wormholes and blue coloring throughout the wood – what’s left is a beautiful product great for interior homes, cabins, businesses or craftsman projects.


A great product for interiors, whether as an accent wall or as paneling throughout a home, shed or barn. Shiplap often comes in Cedar or Pine. This product looks great, natural or stained/painted. Shiplap is no longer just for farmhouses, this product can fit any style!


Whether it is home renovation, office decoration, home improvement, cabin construction, we have the types of wood you’ll need. So get started with your project, talk with our friendly lumber experts at Rustic Lumber Company. We offer a variety of lumbers for decking, flooring, siding, and more. Call us today for your lumber needs.