Is reclaimed wood better than rustic lumber?

rustic lumber accent wallThe word “rustic” refers to the condition of the wood or the way that the wood has been prepared. It comes from the Latin “rusticus“, which means peasant. It refers to the texture of the wood that has not been dressed, or in other words, rough and uneven with knots.

In this post, you’ll learn what it means to distress wood, what rustic lumber looks like, and how it differs from reclaimed wood.

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What Does Rustic Lumber Look Like?

The types of wood used for rustic furniture were always uneven, with knots and rough-textured surfaces. This particular rustic style comes from Europe. It has become a style of architecture in the United States. The wood used for rustic pieces usually has a raw, unfinished look.

Most people associate rustic with old, worn-out, and dull things that look bad. But rustic can also refer to the natural beauty of wood and nature. There is nothing more rustic than old barn wood.

How do you get a rustic effect on wood?

There are three ways to get a rustic effect on wood. One way is by using a bunch of different tools. Tools you can use to get a rustic effect on the wood are a chainsaw, a brad nailer, an electric jigsaw, and a saw with right angles.

You can also stain the wood with white vinegar to get an aged look. To obtain the aged look, you will need to apply a few light coats of white vinegar and rinse it until it is clean enough. Next, paint over your lumber with a white latex stain.

What does it mean to distress wood?

In our previous post, we talked about the three types of wood stains for a rustic home look. These are three helpful techniques to achieve that rustic effect on wood. Distressing is one of these techniques. It means staining a piece of wood to make it look old and worn out.

To distress wood, sand it until it has a slightly rough appearance and then spray the item with clear water. After distressing, seal the wood with an oil-based sealer to protect the surface from further degradation.

Does reclaimed wood look rustic?

Reclaimed wood is repurposed rustic timber that comes from an old structure. It is naturally rustic due to its naturally damaged qualities. Rustic lumber can also be new wood that has been manufactured to create a rustic effect.

Rustic lumber has been compared to the most luxurious of timbers that grace regal palaces, luxury yachts, and impeccably-styled garden rooms throughout Britain. Timbers that have been reclaimed are much more rustic than their manufactured counterparts. 

Where can you buy reclaimed wood?

A property owner may occasionally sell reclaimed wood from parts of an old building or structure they own. You may find reclaimed wood on the side of the road that has been left by a tree removal project, or you can purchase it from lumberyards and other hardwood sales locations.

Rustic Lumber is a lumber company that serves the intermountain regions. They have offices in Colorado, Utah, and Idaho. They offer different types of wood for your wood projects. They sell reclaimed wood for accent walls.


Use Reclaimed Wood on Your Rustic Wood Project

Reclaimed wood makes rustic coffee tables, flooring, decks, and more. It creates a natural, rustic effect. If you’re looking for affordable rustic wood planks to complete your rustic wood project, get in touch with us. We’ll have your rustic lumber delivered right to your door.