Jasper Wood Stain for Your Projects

Complete your DIY woodworking project by giving the finished product a weathered look. The rustic touch. With Jasper Wood Stain, you can give it this effect easily and present a feat of woodcrafting that will definitely stand out and catch the eye. 

Jasper Wood Stain For Your Projects

Jasper Wood Stain is an all natural eco-friendly reactive stain that creates the look of weathered/reclaimed wood. Hard and soft woods contain a natural substance called tannin. Jasper Stain has specific ingredients that react to the tannin and gives a weathered/rustic aspect to the wood. This is the perfect product to get the old wood look with the benefits of working with and installing new wood.

It adds that extra touch to your woodworking project. That rustic look of weathered or reclaimed wood is definitely charismatic and much sought after. It adds a level of authenticity, setting it apart from the usual products that look too fresh, too smooth or even mass produced. Give your work a bit of character with Jasper Wood Stain!