Add Color Variation to Your Home with Jasperwood Stain

Take a look at how nicely this house turned out. Our jasperwood stain helped make this home look beautiful. It adds much needed color variation along with the mix of vertical and horizontal wood siding. Jasperwood stain can help add a weathered look to a finished product, whether it’s a table, cabinet or part of a house. The rustic touch, if you will. It will help a woodworking project stand out and catch the eye.

Jasperwood Stain Adds Color and Character

Rustic Lumber’s jasperwood stain is an all-natural and eco-friendly reactive stain. With it, a product can get the look of weathered or reclaimed wood. This is because hard and soft woods contain tannin, a natural substance that the ingredients of jasper stain react to. This reaction results in that weathered or rustic appearance. So it is a win-win as a product will have the appearance of something old, worn or aged all while being made up of new wood. 

This extra touch, the rustic look, is definitely charismatic. It will add character to any space, giving it an authentic touch unlike other mass produced products. It is perfect for making your home stand out! 

Rustic Lumber takes new wood and stains it to look like reclaimed lumber. We also sell the stain in two  gallon bottles so you can achieve this look on your own as well.

Whether it’s for personal woodworking projects, commercial construction, making furniture or building homes, Rustic Lumber is here to help and supply premium products. We have everything you can need as your lumber supplier in the Utah, Idaho and Colorado area.