Knotty Pine For Your Cabin and Home Interiors

Want to give your cabin or home an interior that stands out with character and authenticity? Then consider Rustic Lumber’s Knotty Pine tongue and groove. It is perfect for the interior of cabins and homes. The brown and red colors throughout give this wood character and ensure every piece is unique. 

Knotty Pine Decors 

This type of pine wood boards are known as such because of the large number of visible knots on their surface. It was very popular for kitchen decors back in the 1950s because of the rustic appeal and atmosphere it gave off. Kitchen cabinetry, and home interiors in general, can have finishes ranging from orange to red colors so it feels very warm. 

Nowadays, renovators are repopularizing the knotty pine aesthetic because of the retro feel it conveys. The wood itself is also affordable. Knotty pine is one of our popular interior wood finishes. So take a look and find out if you like what you see. Find the right kind of wood for your project? Reach out to Rustic Lumber, we are your friendly lumber supplier in the Utah, Colorado and Idaho areas!