Live Edge Slab Showcase: Planning Stage

Rustic Lumber’s live edge slab showcase continues. A few weeks in and our participants have decided on what they want to do with their maple slabs. Here are their plans:

Matt’s Plan

He really loves the quality of our live edge slab. He did a light sanding to get a good grasp of the grain and appreciates the quarter sun marks in the wood. So he intends to leave it pretty rustic and original with it, keeping with the theme by utilizing hardware such as older nails to give it that authentic feel. While they are not sure what they are going to do with the edge, some have expressed their interest in a hallway runner or a desk. So they will work on it and see what the wood comes out to be.

Roger’s Plan

With the heaviness of the slab, Roger has decided to create a heavy duty-chair. He intends to make it a Game of Thrones-type piece of furniture with the live edge for arms. He aims to carve the wood to fit the contour of the seater’s body. A Game of Thrones chair is a really creative idea. In the video, Roger is seen observing the wood, going through it and musing on what to make out of it, visualizing the back of the chair, the legs and so on. This is a great glimpse of his creative process. As Roger says, these are all possibilities and it depends on how the wood turns out after it is cleaned up.

Nate’s Plan

So here is the decision of Nate From California. In the video he describes the live edge slab as a beast, a large piece of wood that will be a challenge to get down to the right thickness and smoothness. He has ideas about creating an epoxy river table, possibly with a waterfalled edge.

James’ Plan

Our interviewer reports that James has been considering creating a desk with a waterfall edge on it. He already had some drawers custom-made and prepared to go on the desk. So he will be levelling the slab soon, as it is his next step. He is really excited to proceed and see how it turns out.

Now We Wait

With the participants now deciding on what they will do with their slabs, we are really anticipating their output, the works of art and woodcrafting excellence they will unveil. The plans they have shared sound interesting, from waterfall edge tables to unique chairs. This will be a masterclass of creativity and woodworking skill. So let’s sit back and enjoy!