Live Edge Slab Showcase: Everyone’s Projects Are Almost Ready

As we draw closer to the epic conclusion of Rustic Lumber’s live edge slab showcase, let’s check in with our participants to see how far they have come along. And how close they are to displaying their final products. 

James Brough is Almost Done

Kaysville, Utah’s James Brough has almost completed the final look of his water table and is just adding the last few touches. He is wrapping it up pretty quick, everything is sanded and he has the adjustable feet in place. And the mount for his legs are there too. So he has to finish the bottom and then flip it over to finish the top. 

Nate  Halverson’s Slab is Nearly Ready

Nate in East Idaho has been doing cool epoxy stuff with his slab and is almost finished. He is also adding the last touches. The resin snake river design is visible. He epoxy-d the top and put the base on. It has all been sanded down smoothly. All he needs to do is to put the base on and do an epoxy coat over the whole thing.


Matt Haberkom  Has Legs for His Table

Over at Colorado, Matt reveals the legs he is using for his table. He is using truck bed i-beams from a semi-truck trailer for the legs. The attachment is with quarter-inch steel on top and quarter-inch brackets they had fabricated by their friend. These custom-fabricated legs are adjustable too and they will be putting these on the wood slab. The video shows Matt’s buddy and welder extraordinaire Greg at work during the metal-crafting stage of production. So his legs are ready and his slab is pretty close to the final product.

Roger Casey’s Game of Thrones Chair 

He is installing the arms after doing a lot of pre-cutting. The video montage shows him putting it all together, the sped up footage covers hours and hours of work. It is methodical, with the pieces of the slab coming together to form this intricate chair. Throughout the process, Roger wields his tools like precision surgical instruments. It is incredible to watch.

Wrap Up

All in all, their updates have been exciting and delightful to watch as we can see how the masters approach their works, their unique processes, and the slabs just transform before our very eyes. It has been very fun and soon the final output will be displayed for everyone to behold!