Live Edge Slab Showcase Nears Its Conclusion

Rustic Lumber Company’s Live Edge Slab showcase is nearing its finale! The participants have made great progress with their projects. Check it out:

Matt’s Slab Progress

Colorado’s Matt Haberkom gives us a status update on his slab. He has reached the point of the project where he is starting to contour the wood down and fold the edges and start to mold it with the table. This is when he looks for what appears natural, as design choices will depend on what looks best with the wood’s characteristics. As Matt says, he prefers to let the wood do the talking and he follows along. He will start grinding on the tabletop. Matt then gives a weather forecast for Colorado, predicting six to three feet of snow. So this means shoveling snow will be part of the slab-sculpting process as well. He ends the video by showing ups the new texture of the wood, which looks spectacular, building anticipation for the final product.


Nate’s Update

For East Idaho’s Nate Halverson’s slab,  work has begun. Nate aims to do something a little bit different, using his hand planer to smoothen the surface of the slab. He aims to create a river-like effect without actually cutting the slab fully in half and pouring epoxy on that. His clip shows the design of the river slab that Nate has in mind. It looks very interesting and innovative!


Roger’s Chair

Roger Casey has a pretty exciting update as he’s made tremendous progress on his chair. It is almost done! He is installing the arms and his update also contains a compilation of pre-cutting and assembly work, which makes for an awesome montage that shows just how much work he has put into the project. While the montage goes by fast, needless to say Roger spent hours and hours on that chair and the footage showcases his mad skills. It is simply incredible to watch and Roger’s thorough documentation offers a lot of good footage, a real masterclass. The results will undoubtedly be breathtaking.


James Brough’s Table Takes Shape

James over at Kaysville is making good progress with his waterfall slab. The video shows the Zen-like process in which he smooths the wood. Then he starts cutting with the circular saw. The montage shows how meticulous he is and that he now has the slab surface cut and ready to glue together for the waterfall. We are definitely excited to see how he proceeds with it the next time!


Wrap Up

We cannot wait to see these masters’ complete works. And like any voyage, the journey itself is as important as the destination. Watching them ply their craft has been a real treat and an exhibition of their top-level woodworking skills. Aside from showcasing our awesome live edge slabs, these maestros are also displaying why they are at the top of their game. Moreover, audiences will learn a lot from these precious glimpses of their techniques.