The Live Edge Slab Showcase Continues

Rustic Lumber’s Live Edge Slab Showcase is well underway. The pieces have been given to the participants, who in turn have submitted their intros to Matt. Here are the woodworkers we have chosen to showcase their craft:

Roger Casey

He is a wood carver who started 10 years ago when he retired. As he says, he has some tools, with which he uses to make whatever he needs. A no-frills utilitarian approach, if you will. This is combined with his own unique and spontaneous artistry, as the creation process behind the things he makes depends on what he sees within the wood. His journey into woodworking is inspiring, he began creating things in order to make his own Christmas gifts for his family. The enjoyment he got from it drove him to carry on and in the last 10 years he has accumulated more tools and honed his skills. He goes on from project to project, never doing the same thing twice.

Among other things, he is not one to toot his own horn, since as Matt points out Roger has actually won numerous awards over the years. So we definitely look forward to see what Roger does with the live edge slab.

James Brough

From Kaysville, Utah, James does a lot of woodworking and awesome pieces, like ball turning and slab work. So that’s why we picked him to be part of the Slab Showcase. At Brough Wood Designs he does custom built furniture and prefers to work with slabs. He plans to do a waterfall desk with the slab we provided him and will provide videos of the process as he goes along. 

Nate Halverson

Nate owns USA Timbers and resides in Idaho, though he is from California. He does awesome work and we are glad to provide him an opportunity to showcase his talents. He has been in the craft for 10 years and has done many different projects. As he says in his interview with Spencer, he started doing woodwork when he was helping out a girlfriend’s dad. He enjoyed working with his hands, fell in love with the nature of wood and the freedom of crafting it into what you want and creating something beautiful out of it. 

Matt Haberkorn

Matt is from Colorado and has been working with live edge slabs for 20 years. He works with his family and it is a joy to watch them in action, with his parents, nieces and nephews being involved in the craft. They started doing live edge slabs two years ago and the demand for it has grown as people liked the reclaimed wood and the variety of tables and desks they created. As he says, the entire process is fun to do.

Let the Fun Begin

Four experts in woodcrafting with different origins and approaches that define how they create their work. So the results will definitely be interesting and splendid. And we can’t wait to see what they do with the live edge slabs we provided them. This will be a masterclass in woodworking, an exercise in artistry and expertise… and a treat for all of us watching!