Live Edge Slab Showcase Updates

The Live Edge Slab Showdown exhibition of woodworking masters continues full steam ahead! James Brough gives us an update on his project while Roger Casey just plows through and makes great progress with his table.

James Brough and his Desk 

Kaysville, Utah’s James Brough provides a quick update with what is going on with his slab. So he is doing a waterfall slab desk. The maestro of Brough Wood Design explains that he quickly sanded the edge, so viewers of the video can see the amazing grain and figure that is in the slab. Yes, Rustic Lumber’s live edge slab are pretty awesome. 

So James has placed it on his slab flattener to make the wood flat and levelled. In the video, James is utterly captivated by the beauty of the slab. Anyway, he goes on to detail the progress on the slab. He ordered legs from Texas but that was delayed due to the storm. His aim is to make a six-foot desk with a waterfall edge. Then he shows the portions that he has designated for sawing. And his plans to create the flowing effect. He says he’s excited to put it in the new shop he is building which will be done this week. So our slab will be the first project he’ll do there – what an honor!

Roger Casey’s Chugging Away

The Game of Thrones chair is really taking shape with Roger sending a bunch of progress videos. Here we can see that he has the seat section of the slab cut out and he is aiming to remove as much wood as he can to rough it out. He has bought a new tool just for this to save him the effort. The video shows him just working his way through the wood. Then he details the more intricate details of how he will construct his chair, such as where the notches will be, where the screws will go in, and so on. Truly a consummate professional with a thorough game plan!


We are definitely excited to see what these woodworking experts will bring out, the final outcomes of this masterclass. But as with any story, the journey is just as important as the destination. It has been an absolute treat to so much skill and talent being displayed. Woodworking aficionados and pros will definitely want to keep themselves updated with the Live Edge Slab Showcase to see how the four participants progress with their projects.