Rustic Lumber’s Live Edge Slab Showcase Begins

As you can see in our recent video, Rustic Lumber’s Matt announced our Slab Showcase. As your go-to lumber supplier, Rustic Lumber sells a lot of live edge slabs and over the years we have come across some really good craftsmen. So we thought it would be awesome to see what they could do if they went to town on a slab. That is why we gave four of these woodworkers a live edge slab, one slab each. They are in four different states. The slabs are pretty raw, giving each of the woodworkers an opportunity to show us what they can do with the slabs. 

What Are Live Edge Slabs?

Live edge slabs are part of the greater live edge style of woodworking that is evident with log cabins and other products of settler craftsmanship. In ye olden days, families needed functional furniture and due to time and necessity, they just sawed trees into slabs and made simple furniture. Nowadays, these old-fashioned products are seen as rustic and charming. 

Their appearance conveys the idea of a return to nature, back to the welcoming warmth of the log cabin. It sharply contrasts with more modern furniture and backgrounds that have a mass produced sort of look to them. Live edge slab furniture really makes spaces become more distinct, whether it’s a household or a business. Because a live edge slab does not appear so processed, it still has a hint of the forests from which it came from, a unique and natural beauty that makes each piece unlike any other. 

For woodworkers who want to test their skills or embark on a creative project, live edge wood products are also perfect opportunities to produce something that is one of a kind. In a way, the live edge wood is a reflection of each person as well. Because each woodworker is also a unique individual who brings his or her own idiosyncrasies to the worktable… and life in general. So maybe that is why live edge style woodwork and products are so alluring. 

Keep Posted 

Back to our Slab Showcase, the four woodworkers will be filmed throughout the process. And their progress will be documented and shared with woodworking aficionados all over. It will be a fun showcase that lets these talented individuals display their skill and what they can do with Rustic Lumber’s live edge slabs. So keep posted for updates on Rustic Lumber’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Want a live edge slab for your own projects? Reach out to Rustic Lumber, your friendly neighborhood lumber supplier  in the Utah, Idaho and Colorado area.