What You Need to Know about Live Edge Walnut Slabs

Live edge wood slabs are popular for their raw and rustic characteristics. They are generally characterized by their unfinished, natural edges, often containing visible holes, grains, and burrs or burls. Its unique characteristics make it a popular design element for those seeking a piece of unique rustic furniture. In choosing the type of wood for live edge slabs, one must consider not just its aesthetic appeal but also other important characteristics such as resistance to warping and resilience.

What can You Do with Live Edge Walnut Slabs? 

Walnut slabs are a popular choice for live edge wood among woodworkers, woodworking enthusiasts, and interior designers worldwide. The reason for this is that a high finish polish can be done on Walnut wood. Walnut wood also carves really well, making it an excellent option for furniture that requires intricate woodworking. Moreover, walnut slabs are strong, heavy, durable, and do not suffer so easily from shrinkage. They can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. This makes them a great choice for any of your furniture projects such as: 

  • Coffee table tops
  • Dining table tops
  • Countertops
  • Bar tops
  • Headboards
  • Cutting boards
  • Kitchen islands
  • Shelving
  • End tables
  • Desks
  • Benches 

Things to Consider when Buying Walnut Slabs 

Appearance is not the only thing to consider when choosing a walnut slab for your project. Essentially, the type of slab you buy should serve the purpose you have in mind. 

  • Decide if you want a finished or unfinished slab. If you do not want to deal with finishing works yourself like removing the bark and sanding the wood, filling holes, and sealing the slab, finished slabs is the right choice. Meanwhile, if you want to get really creative with your slab and do the finishing work yourself, unfinished slabs are for you. 


  • Consider the dimensions. The appropriate dimensions of the slab will vary depending on its purpose. It’s really important to consider the size, thickness, and flatness of the slab. In addition, visiting your local lumber yard is also better than buying a live edge slab from a store you found online. Because the slab that might arrive at your doorstep might not be what was advertised.
  • Choose the right type of walnut wood. Walnut slabs come in different colors, grains, and characteristics. Depending on the aesthetic that you want and the type of design work you’re working on, you can choose from the different types of walnut wood. English walnut and black walnut are the most common types of walnut used in making furniture.


Our live edge walnut slabs at Rustic Lumber Co come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with a unique look and character. It is important to choose the right walnut slab as it adds an effect to the overall atmosphere in your home or office. The best place to buy live-edge walnut slabs is your neighborhood lumberyard. Contact Rustic Lumber Co at Sedalia, Colorado today. We also serve nearby locations including Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Franktown, and Denver.