New Year Redecoration with Wood Interior Design

Thinking of renovating or redecorating your home for the New Year? Here are some suggestions on how wood interior design can spruce up your place, and how your local lumber supplier can help you!

Got Wood?

So, here’s how wood interior design can be part of your New Year resolution. Whether your goal is to fill your 2020 with new projects or just have a nicer-looking home, you should keep the following in mind:

Wood is timeless

It’s structurally sound for architecture and also aesthetically pleasing. In both construction and style, the material is versatile and adaptable. So wood interior design can work for everything from a rustic country look to a modern artistic one. It’s got that organic warmth that’s hard to replicate otherwise.

Consider Your Interior Design Style

What style are you going for with the whole project? You have to figure this out before starting, so you’ll know how exactly you’ll pull it off.

Are you going for a farmhouse look? The modern rustic theme has light colors with lots of white and beiges.

Urban Modern? For that high-end urban loft style, with minimalism and chic that gives it a glamorous look. Sleekness is important, with added decor serving to personalize the space.

Mid-Century Modern is a nostalgic approach, common during the 1930s to the 60s. It’s a clean classic look that’s focused on functionality.

These are just some of the wood interior design styles you can opt for.


Color Scheme

What will be your interior’s general color scheme? If it’s already settled, then your wood furnishings and cladding should account for it and match it. If the wood is too dark it can overpower the rest of the room and throw off the look of the place. On the other hand, if the wood is too light then it won’t seem bold and just present a bland or weak appearance.

Generally, if you want the room to feel open and airy, go for natural lightly stained woods. Depth and drama are brought out by darker stained wood which make a real statement.

You also need to know what furniture and appliances will eventually populate the space. These appliances and objects bring with them their own textures and colors, which can compliment the overall color scheme or be detrimental. So be sure to consider how they fit to the overall wood interior design.


Wood Furnishings

Wood is a great material for custom furnishings. They can bring a lot of personality into a space and add the final touch to your wood interior design. They can be practical but at the same time they don’t have to be boring. Common furnishings like wood shelves can still be visually pleasing, with rich tones, straight lines or gentle curves that add to the interior.


Wood Wall Coverings and Flooring

Want to warm up your interiors? Touches of wood or even covering whole surfaces with wood can transform a space, turning that cold and clinical vibe into a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.


Coulda, Shoulda, Wood-a

These are wood interior design options you can go for should you choose to undertake some redecorations or renovations. Not sure what type of wood or timbers you’re using? Your friendly neighborhood lumber supplier can help you with that. Particularly if you’re taking this up as a personal project and planning to DIY a lot of it (or even all of it).