Start the New Year with These Simple Woodworking Projects

Start 2021 on the right foot and in your workshop. Warm up your woodworking skills and shake off the “ring rust” from the holidays. At the same time, you can start with small and easy bite-sized woodworking projects. Whether you are a die-hard woodworking afficionado or partake in the craft as a hobby from time to time, it can help to work your way up from simpler projects. These can also serve as preparation for any larger, grander projects you have planned for the future. So here are a few woodworking projects doable for any skill level that can help you ease into 2021:

Wood Wagons

Maybe as a belated holiday present, or something for when the weather gets warmer, wood wagons are perfect children’s gifts and can help kids gain an appreciation of the outdoors. This quintessential child’s gift can encourage kids to explore the outside world rather than stay cooped up indoors all the time. Moreover, it’s sturdy and will last for a long time. Which is more than can be said about the devices kids are playing with these days. 

Chess or Checkers Board

Fun and games for an older crowd, and likewise just as timeless. Chess and checkers are perfect pastimes for when you are cooped indoors. And they are great for keeping the mind sharp. The board is relatively easy to create while the chess pieces provide an excellent opportunity to hone your wood carving skills and even come up with creative designs. 

Backyard Loungers

Spring might be a few months away, but why not prepare ahead by building backyard loungers? You can make your own lounger with little more in the way of tools than a circular saw and cordless drill. At the same time, you will create something that’s both rustic-looking and comfortable as you can make it customized to fit your preferences. 


Getting more serious with woodworking? Building your own workbench, with dimensions and an appearance that suits your preferences, is an excellent way to exercise your skills and prepare yourself for future projects – by having a new and sturdy bench to work on. 


A bit smaller in scale than the previous one, nonetheless every craftsman and craftswoman ought to have a toolbox. Craft your own and it will be customized for your unique workstyle. 


Your friends at Rustic Lumber know that there’s nothing as satisfying working on lumber and looking at a completed project. So consider starting out the New Year on a positive note by having a go at these projects.