Adding Unique Character to Your Raised Beds and Garden Boxes Using Pecky Cedar

Seasoned gardeners know very well that having the perfect soil, a level yard, and the right amount of sunlight for your garden isn’t enough. Because sooner or later, weeds might start growing and pests start creeping in your yard and ruin your plants and vegetables. That’s why it is advised to make raised beds and garden boxes. Building raised beds will allow you to control your soil composition, improve drainage, and deter those pests and diggers. And pecky cedar is an ideal type of lumber for this type of project!

Pecky Cedar Garden Boxes and Raised Beds



This is an exciting part of gardening, aside from choosing the plants you want to grow. Because you can get really creative with your garden layout. Likewise with the choice of wood for your raised beds and boxes. Hence, choosing the type of wood for these projects will affect its overall look and longevity. That’s why you can’t just choose any wood you see in the lumber yard. There are some things you need to consider when choosing the right wood for your garden. Such as aesthetics, durability, rot resistance, and density. Essentially, you need to choose the right wood that serves the purpose you have in mind.

Pecky cedar at Rustic Lumber Co has the qualities you need for your raised beds and garden boxes. It adds a unique character to your garden because of the pockets of decayed wood caused by the advanced stages of fungal infection in this type of timber. But there is no further decay because the process stops once the tree is cut down.

Just like other cedar products, it is long-lasting and cost-effective. This makes it a great way to add visual interest in your garden without sacrificing longevity. They can even last a decade even without treatment. With its unique look and resistance to rot, it’s no surprise that it has become quite popular among garden hobbyists and home food growers. 

Another benefit of using pecky cedar is that it is eco-friendly and sustainable. It is a great choice for those with pets and children. It is basically untreated and 100% organic. So you don’t have to worry about chemicals getting into your food especially if you are growing your own veggies at home. Because of its aesthetic and mechanical qualities, pecky cedar has also been used for retaining walls, boardwalks, fences, and other landscape projects. 

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