Reasons To Be A Woodworker

Thinking of getting a new hobby or even a career? Woodworking is a great avenue for both. It’s a classic trade that entails handling lumber and transforming the wood using an array of hand and power tools, producing results with both aesthetic, decorative and functional purposes. In short, you’ll be making pretty ornaments and useful furniture that people will use or even purchase!

In an era when vocational skills are getting more scarce, woodworking is definitely a bankable skill. Likewise, with everything being manufactured, prefabricated or even disposable these days, the sight of natural woodworking in homes is something to remark upon. Woodworking products are highly desirable and even the most ordinary products can add to a home. Of course, woodworking as a skill is something that takes time to hone. So better assemble your power tools and contact your local lumber supplier.

Here are a few benefits to being a woodworker: 

Producing Beautiful Creations

There’s a unique and authentic look to hand-carved wood creations. An authenticity that’s lost in modern mass-manufactured products. Seeing the grain of the wood, the smoothness of the finish, the little imperfections that add to the whole product. All this makes one appreciate the material as well as the skill and effort that went in making it.

Learning and Doing Something You Love

As said before, woodworking is a hobby that takes some time to learn. Becoming good at it, and eventually mastering it, is a process that spans years. It’s a rewarding experience and the best part is that as you spend more time doing it, you become better and better! And there’s so much to learn, from hand carving techniques to create more detailed figures in minute scales, to various power tools that have their different uses like chainsaws that can carve up large pieces of lumber.

Working With Your Hands

For many people this is a reward in itself. As there’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment when your effort and manual labor bears fruit. Look at how that slab of lumber turned into something useful! 

Helping People With Your Creations

This is good for the community, particularly for people who can’t afford pricey products at the store. Or those who need customized items to suit their requirements. You can be a good neighbor who can help fix people’s furniture so they won’t have to spend on a replacement. People with special needs might require specific types of canes, crutches, assistive devices or chairs and beds. And you might be able to DIY something that’s just as effective.

Expressing Yourself

You can create things that reflect your passion, your likes and interests. Whether it’s an abstract work of art or right sized seats that you’re most comfortable with. Woodworking allows you to turn those pieces of lumber into results that match your own vision and no one else’s. These aren’t mass-produced ornaments from a store. Even a hand-made cutting board will reflect your personal ergonomics. Such as your preferences for space, the dimensions of your kitchen table, a thickness and hardiness that matches how hard you swing that chopping knife, etc.  

A Potential Business

Woodworking can start as a hobby and then gradually become a business, whether it’s a side-hustle or even a main source of income. You can sell those wood carvings or do custom pieces, charge for furniture repairs and more. 

As you keep on honing your woodworking skills, you’ll become more adept with your tools. You’ll develop new techniques, familiarize yourself with different types of wood and lumber, and your results will improve. Got a new project in mind? Contact your local lumber supplier and stock up!