Top Reasons Why Reclaimed Wood is Highly Sought-After

People have been using reclaimed wood for a long time and for great reasons. Using this type of wood as a building material or for furniture creates that rustic feel in our homes that many like to see. Not just that, each piece of reclaimed wood has a particular story to tell which is an element that homeowners and designers love. For some, their reason for using reclaimed wood is the conservation element that comes with it. For others, it’s the strength and durability that made them choose this type of material.

All in all, reclaimed lumber is rich in superior qualities that you will not easily find in other types of wood. For one, reclaimed lumber has both beauty, strength, and a story to tell. In this article, we are going to look at the highly sought-after qualities of reclaimed lumber that make people go to great lengths to just find it. 

So, what is reclaimed wood? 

Reclaimed wood is repurposed wood taken from old structures. For example, it can be wood from an old barn transformed into a piece of furniture such as dining tables and bookshelves. They can also be taken from various sources like old warehouses, factories, retired ships, and even wine barrels. With this, lumber companies have access to wood that has been beautifully aged and air-dried for a long time. Reclaimed wood is already beautiful by itself on top of other qualities such as strength, durability, and history while being pleasing to the eyes. There’s no wonder why they are always a popular choice of wood for furniture.

Top 4 Reasons Why Reclaimed Wood is Highly Sought-After

Now that you know what reclaimed wood is, here are the top 4 reasons why reclaimed wood is highly sought-after and why you should consider choosing it for your next project: 

  • Old-growth wood is no longer available which makes reclaimed wood your only alternative. 

When we say “old-growth” trees, it refers to the trees that reached their full maturity in the natural environment without any significant disturbances. These trees took several decades and sometimes centuries to grow. Because of their slow growth, their fibers have become a lot denser than most trees ever will. So naturally, old-growth trees are stronger, more resilient, and more dimensionally stable than any newly harvested wood. However, you can’t buy old-growth wood anymore. If you can, it is most likely illegal. That’s because old-growth forests are now protected because they are vital in maintaining biodiversity. This makes reclaimed wood the perfect alternative. Since reclaimed wood is still old-growth wood, anyone can still enjoy its unique look and quality. 

  • Using reclaimed wood is environment-friendly and more sustainable.

The world’s natural resources are constantly being depleted every single day. Trees, in particular, are some of the world’s most important resources and probably, one of the most harvested. Trees provide habitats for millions of animals and probably our primary solution to climate change as our technology cannot keep up with it yet. This is why several regulations have been implemented to protect our forests. 

If you love the environment and want something that’s sustainable, then using reclaimed wood will definitely help. In fact, from demolished buildings alone, one billion feet of reusable lumber is produced. That’s according to the US Department of Agriculture. So every time people use reclaimed wood, they are saving the environment from the hazards associated with making new wood products.

This greatly reduces the environmental impacts that come with housing projects. Reclaimed wood is also a great insulator that can help you save some money on your electric bills. For these reasons, using reclaimed wood for any project is environment-friendly and sustainable. 

  • Reclaimed lumber has stories to tell and history to keep.

Reclaimed wood comes from a variety of sources that are rich in history. For all you know, you might be able to purchase timber from a retired ship that navigated the seas in the 1900s or from very old wineries that used traditional fermentation methods. Reclaimed wood comes with a unique history that is worth telling. By using reclaimed wood, your home or any piece of furniture could tell stories about the past that most people would have never heard of until you told them. If you’re interested in preserving history, using reclaimed wood is a great way to keep it. 

  • You cannot replicate its age and character. 

Reclaimed lumber is not mass producible. As mentioned earlier, you can only find the qualities of old-growth trees from reclaimed wood. More importantly, no two pieces reclaimed lumber is the same. Each one’s character cannot be replicated. Every piece is beautifully aged and comes with architectural qualities that are second to none. Each piece also comes with a unique history that is worth sharing with your friends and family. With the history and one-of-a-kind look that comes with reclaimed wood, these pieces will certainly be an attraction. 

Reclaimed Wood at Rustic Lumber 

Reclaimed wood has different purposes within the home such as wood flooring, wood furniture, decking, siding, and beams. It is also perfect for adding more contrast and a unique charm to your homes. Rustic Lumber is a trustworthy supplier of reclaimed wood. Looking to give our reclaimed wood a new life? Contact us and we will ship it right at your door. We provide high-quality lumber for customers around Idaho, Utah, and Colorado.