Reusing Scrap Lumber From Your Woodworking Projects

Woodworking is an enriching and constructive pastime, a process in which you transform raw lumber into a creation of your design. These can be purely decorative, like carvings. Or functional, like tables, shelves or even structures like sheds. After the work is completed, there will be byproducts like shavings and scrap lumber. And if you have been doing a lot of woodworking projects to pass the time you might have accumulated a lot of scrap lumber. But you don’t have to throw it into the trash. They can have other uses. As the saying goes, one man or woman’s trash is another’s treasure. 

Finding Alternative Uses for Woodworking Scrap Lumber 

StarTribune has a great example of recycling scrap lumber: Duluth, Minnesota woodworker Anna Bailey who turned the byproducts of her furniture projects into more creations. She transformed leftover scraps, turning them into wall mosaics. These earthy and often colorful pieces of art showcase the natural grain of wood and make for ideal decorations. Moreover, her creations weren’t just personal works of art, people loved them and demand for the pieces grew. She also winded up touring art fairs and shows. So, all in all, it became good business. 

Her example goes to show that even the byproducts we usually discard can be repurposed into things of value. As long as there is a will there is a way. Maybe these alternative uses could become a viable business, or maybe not – they don’t have to be. These creations don’t have to sell to be worthwhile. They are worthwhile as they are genuine expressions of creativity, made with care and effort. 

Woodworking is an act of artistry, of taking a vision and realizing it with your handiwork. It is not necessarily about making a product that sells. So indulge in your ingenuity and work up a sweat. Figure out innovative ways of transforming scrap lumber into something else – a mosaic, or beautiful carvings, or lumpy paperweights and functional bookends.  

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