Shiplap Interior Wood Finishes

Looking for the ideal type of wood for your interiors? Shiplap is a great product for that purpose. It can be used as an accent wall or as paneling throughout your home, shed or barn. Either way, it looks great naturally or when stained or painted. So these days it is no longer just for farmhouses, now it has the right kind of rustic look for a variety of purposes.

Piece By Piece

With shiplap, you get a wooden wall siding that comes in long planks. These are traditionally painted white and are mounted horizontally with slight gaps between them, resembling exterior shiplap walls. And these days it can be stained or painted in a variety of ways. Either way, each piece laps together so it is easy to install vertically or horizontally. So the only disadvantage with shiplap is that the gaps between the panels are prone to accumulating dust. 

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