Shou Sugi Ban for Modern Exterior and Interior Design

If you’re looking to replace old and traditional wood designs with something that’s more modern and stylish, then there’s one type of wood that really stands out. It’s the highly sought-after Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi which translates to ‘charred wood or burned wood’. Shou Sugi Ban is a popular design element for exterior and interior design. It’s known for its superior aesthetic and architectural qualities which makes it an excellent choice for modern architecture. When using Shou Sugi Ban, you’re not only going to enjoy its gorgeous look and texture but also its tried-and-true longevity and durability. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to give their home a new look that’s one-of-a-kind and special. If that’s something that interests you, keep reading to know more about Shou Sugi Ban and what you can with it. 

The Origin of Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban originally came from Japan. It is a famous siding for Japanese houses for its excellent qualities. It’s usually a thin plank of wood used for walls, fences, and ceilings. Its unique texture comes from the ancient Japanese head treatment process of wood preservation. Although other sources will say that it is a wood charring technique, Shou Sugi Ban is actually a complete product of the traditional Japanese wood preservation technique that involves heat as the main part of the treatment. Nevertheless, it’s a trend in modern design today for its longevity, durability, texture, and more. 

Making Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban traditionally uses Japanese Cedar but nowadays, designers and architects are already using other wood species. Such as douglas fir, cyprus, pine, oak, and other species of cedar. The process involves four steps: charring, cooling, cleaning, and finishing with natural oil. The traditional method of burning the wood involves bundling three planks at a time into triangular tubes and lighting the interior with fire.

With the more modern approach, a propane torch usually scorches scorch and adds a unique character to the wood without completely blackening the surface. Once the charring is done, the wood is cooled down and wire-brushed to soften the finish. Then it is cleaned using an air compressor or with a wet cloth and then dried completely. The finishing touch involves applying natural oils all over the wood. This is to preserve its natural finish and make it resistant to all conditions. 

The charring doesn’t only make the wood aesthetically pleasing, it can also improve the longevity and the durability of the wood by preventing decay and rot. Upon burning the wood, the sugars in the surface break down making the wood less appealing to insects, fungi and bacteria. It also makes the wood fire-resistant. The intrinsic qualities of the wood like cedar and the treatment itself makes Shou Sugi Ban an excellent piece of any exterior and interior design. 

Where to Use Shou Sugi Ban

With all its aesthetic and functional qualities, Shou Sugi Ban makes an exceptional choice for interior and exterior design. It can be used for any parts of the house. But among the most common uses include flooring, paneling, siding, decking, ceiling, and fencing. It also comes with different palettes. So depending on the look you are looking for, choose palettes that suit your purpose. 

For interior design, Shou Sugi Ban can make your home look and feel cozy day in and day out. It has gorgeous textures and colors. So using it for the interior of your home including flooring, paneling, and ceiling will instantly make your home as lovely and comfortable as it should be. 

For the exterior of your home, Shou Sugi Ban is the premium choice. Wood used for the exterior of the house shouldn’t only look pleasing to the eyes but also last long. As they are exposed to different elements. Shou Sugi Ban can make the exterior of your home look dazzling and long-standing at the same time. So using it for the exterior of your home such as siding, decking, roofing, and fencing will surely make it a fine piece of modern art that neighbours and visitors will gaze or even envy.

The possibilities of using Shou Sugi Ban for interior and exterior design are endless. Whether it’s for a project or your own home, you can explore all the possibilities with Shou Sugi Ban to satisfy your needs. 

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