The Benefits of Cedar Wood for Decking

nullThere are many options when it comes to building a deck. However, if you want a deck that stands out, Cedar wood should be your choice. Cedar has a variety of benefits when it comes to decking; some of those benefits include appearance, naturally resistant, all-weather, stable & easy construction. One of the greatest things about it is that you can find it in a range of color from a pale amber to a deep reddish-brown, so depending on the look you are going for you can choose to deepen its coloring or emphasize its grain, whichever you prefer.Cedar is the perfect material for building a deck because it is naturally resistant to many of the exterior elements that can severely damage other types of wood. It contains natural oils that protect it from insect infestation & ward off decay. As your Cedar wood ages, its ability to manufacture the protective oils increase, which contributes to the durability of the wood. It is also moisture-resistant, helping it to less likely rot or develop mildew. The points continue to add up when it comes to choosing Cedar wood for your deck. Because of it’s durability & resistance, it is able to withstand most if not all types of weather if treated properly with a sealant. It is considered a year round wood that can last for decades in a variety of weather conditions. Another plus to it is the fact that it is extremely stable, it has a low density & is not prone to shrinking despite temperature changes. As a result, it remains straight when set in place & doesn’t twist or warp as easily as other types of wood.

The lightweight of the wood will allow for easy construction to take place when using it to construct your deck. Cedar Wood has a uniform texture that will allow you to saw, cut & nail it with regular tools. It is a nice straightforward process – because Cedar lacks resin & pitch it allows it to take stain more easily, which will make your job ten times easier.

There are many benefits to Cedar Wood for your deck that have not been listed, however as you can tell from above Cedar Wood is the perfect choice for decking. Before you choose your decking material make sure you take the time to understand the type of wood you are choosing, you will be thankful in the log run as it could save you.